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Shillong Teer is a unique and popular archery-based lottery game played in Meghalaya, a state located in the northeastern part of India. The game is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Meghalaya and is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of the Khasi tribe, who are the primary inhabitants of the state.

The history of Shillong Teer dates back to the early 20th century when it was first played in the small town of Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. At that time, the game was known as Thoh Tim, which means “arrow shooting” in the local Khasi language. The game was played using traditional Khasi longbows, and the target was a cylindrical bamboo basket known as a teer.

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Over time, the game became increasingly popular, and its name was changed to Shillong Teer to reflect its association with the city of Shillong. Today, Shillong Teer is one of the most popular and widely played lottery games in Meghalaya, with thousands of people participating in the game every day.

The game is organized and managed by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association (KHASA), a local sports organization that was established in 1954. KHASA is responsible for setting the rules and regulations of the game, conducting regular teer competitions, and managing the payouts to the winners.

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Shillong Teer has become an important cultural and social event in Meghalaya, and it attracts visitors and tourists from all over India and abroad. The game has also contributed to the economic growth of the state, as it generates significant revenue for the local government and creates job opportunities for the people involved in the teer industry.

Shillong Teer Time

It is important to note that the exact timing of the game may vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions, local events, and other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the authorized teer counters or KHASA officials for the exact schedule of the game.

Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Meghalaya has imposed some restrictions on the conduct of Shillong Teer. As of May 2021, the game is being held without any audience or spectators, and the teer counters and shops are required to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and providing hand sanitizers to the participants. These measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the players and the public during these challenging times.

Here are the basic rules and regulations of Shillong Teer:

  1. The game is played using traditional Khasi longbows and arrows. The arrows have metal tips and feathers, and the bows are made of bamboo or wood.
  2. The game is played in two rounds, with each round consisting of shooting 50 arrows at a target. The target is a cylindrical bamboo basket called a teer, which is placed at a distance of 50 meters from the shooters.
  3. Participants must buy tickets before the start of the game, which are available at authorized teer counters and shops across Meghalaya. The tickets have two numbers printed on them, which are the participant’s chosen numbers for the first and second rounds of the game.
  4. Before the start of each round, the KHASA officials announce the minimum and maximum number of teers that will be shot in that round. For example, if the officials announce that the minimum number of teers for the first round is 700 and the maximum number is 800, then the winning numbers for that round will be based on the total number of teers that hit the target within that range.
  5. The results of the game are announced on the same day, and the winning numbers are determined based on the total number of teers that hit the target in each round. For example, if the officials announce that the winning number for the first round is 720, then all the participants who chose 720 as their number for the first round will be declared winners.
  6. The payout for the game varies depending on the number of participants and the amount of money collected from ticket sales. The payout for each round is usually around 80 times the value of the ticket.
  7. It is important to note that participants must be at least 18 years old to play Shillong Teer, and the game is only legal in the state of Meghalaya. Participants must also follow the rules and regulations set by KHASA and avoid any illegal or unethical practices that may affect the integrity of the game.

Conclusion: Reflections on the Cultural Significance of Shillong Teer.

Shillong Teer is not just a game of chance and archery skills, but it is deeply embedded in the cultural heritage and traditions of Meghalaya. The game has become an important social and cultural event that brings together people from different communities and backgrounds, and it reflects the unique identity and diversity of the state.

The game has played a significant role in promoting and preserving the cultural traditions of the Khasi tribe, who are the primary inhabitants of Meghalaya. It has also contributed to the economic growth of the state by creating job opportunities and generating revenue for the local government.

The popularity of Shillong Teer has also transcended the borders of Meghalaya, as it attracts visitors and tourists from all over India and abroad. The game has become a symbol of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the northeast region of India, and it has helped to promote the region as a vibrant and unique destination for cultural tourism.

However, it is important to note that Shillong Teer, like any other form of gambling, can be addictive and may have negative consequences for some individuals. It is therefore essential to promote responsible gambling and to ensure that the game is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Overall, Shillong Teer is a fascinating and intriguing game that has evolved over time to become an integral part of the cultural and social fabric of Meghalaya. It is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the people of Meghalaya and a shining example of how cultural traditions can be preserved and celebrated in a rapidly changing world. Check Today – shillong teer result 


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